Wabash C3 at the 4H Fair

Fellow Patriot:

The Board of Wabash C3 (Citizens Committed to the Constitution) would like to take an opportunity to thank you for the support you have given over the past two years. It is our hope that you have grown in your knowledge and commitment to the principles that were put forth by the brave men who founded our country. These men knew that our strength would come from first and foremost a dedication to our Creator, and second, a dedication to each other.

As a board we have sought ways to grow our membership and continue to find ways to promote the Constitution. To this end we have taken on many different projects such as candidate forums, public meetings, Pastors Appreciation dinners, etc. One project that we have committed ourselves to annually is the Wabash County 4H Fair. We feel it is a good opportunity to meet with people and get our conservative message out. This year will be a little different, however. In addition to our normal booth that we will have in the merchants building, we would like to also participate in the livestock auction. This is where you can show your support again.

During the course of the fair week, we will be collecting donations at our booth for the express purpose of supporting our youth by purchasing animals at the auction. We will buy as many as we can afford through your donations and would love to be able to collect a lot for that cause. Any money collected that is not used for the purchase of livestock will then be donated back to Wabash County 4H.

If you would like to contribute to this project, please stop by our booth during the fair prepared to give. You may also contact board member Todd Dazey at 574-952-0748 to arrange a donation. If you have a child or grandchild who will be selling livestock at the auction, let us know who they are and what species they are showing. We would love to consider them first.

Again, thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing you at the fair.

PS. Be sure to join us for our next regular meeting on August 1, 2011 at Bachelor Creek Church of Christ, 7PM. Our guest speaker will be WOWO’s Pat Miller and his topic will be Agenda 21. If you are (or know) a farmer you won’t want to miss this one.

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Stand for freedom

The following is reprinted from the “Wabash Plain Dealer” May 28, 2011 edition:

Dear Editor:

A brief study of early America, early 1600s, reveals mankind’s quest for freedom and to publically worship his Creator. This beginning was painful. The people were determined, passionate and courageous for posterity’s sake and a providential calling.

A couple hundred years later the Constitution of the United States of America had been written and signed by descendants of prior seekers of freedom.

Many have fought and died to establish our Constitution and to plant the roots of freedom deep within our culture. Where there is freedom there is shedding of blood. Our military men and women continue to die for our freedom.

Courage and sacrifice were needed to establish Liberty. Courage and sacrifice are needed now to maintain freedom and liberty.

Our freedom is being diluted. Like a slithering thief returning daily, content to steal a noticeable but acceptable amount.

If you don’t care you probably don’t know. If you don’t know you probably don’t care. But it’s happening fueled by apathy and cowardice.

The early American Church was a major force providing the Christian principles and moral fiber that united us and made us a strong and great nation.

By ignorance and apathy we use spineless excuses like, “I hate politics,” as we allow godless people to take God, prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance out of our schools!

Come on all you Patriots! Come, stand with us!

C3, Citizens Committed to the Constitution, is sponsoring Pastor’s Appreciation Day. We are honoring the spiritual leaders of Wabash County. Show your appreciation to these leaders and your Patriotism by attending our next meeting: June 6, 7:00pm, Bachelor Creek Church (Bachelor Creek does not endorse C3). — Rod Frank, C3 Leadership

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TSA searches violates constitution

The following is reprinted from the “Wabash Plain Dealer” April 16, 2011 edition:

Dear Editor,

I’m as tired of bad news as everyone else is. I want to go back to taking care of my own life while trusting that I, my family, neighbors and country are protected from harm and evil. I’m tired of being expected to be tolerant of others opinions and lifestyles while I see looks of contempt, and being hated for mine.

If I’ve heard the same ideas expressed by several people I may write about it to make a point.

Having said that I see no problem sharing something said by a former public servant in a public place. The subject? Scans and searches at the airport. I said it’s another freedom being taken from us and against the constitution. They said, ‘Oh yes the can do that. Airlines are private companies and have every right to do that.’

The government (not private) agencies of Transportation Safety Adminstration and Department of Homeland Security are mandating these radiating naked picture body scans and molesting searches. Anyone else would be arrested for touching another like that and against their will. The government is treating us like we are all criminals. Now they are talking about starting DNA mouth swabs on travelers.

Our public servants should know and uphold Amendment IV to the Constitution which says, “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

Getting away with this violation of our Constitution encourages them to try much more. Soon we’ll be forced on the “smart grid.” Warrantless searches of our houses are being considered to ensure we have the right energy efficient appliances, outlets, light bulbs, types of food, and so forth. The government is working to limit our water, electricity, and heat use according to communist standards. Also under government consideration is regulating out of existence – the home garden.

While the world is on fire, oil and food prices are skyrocketing (as promised) Obama decides that bullying is the most pressing issue of our time. Families or even whole communities may be forced to attend sensitivity training classes at some point. Communism? Bullying is the new way to justify the president potentially signing an executive order to take guns away from “those who have no business having guns.” Must be starting with border guards since they’re forced to use bean bag guns against those with machine guns.

It’s amazingly uplifting going to C3 where dedicated “founders” meet, we are not alone. On May 2, Greg Fettig for Conservative Senate and June 6 the Rev. C.L. Bryant at 7 p.m. at Bachelor Creek. — Pat Hammons, North Manchester

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Wisconsin Election

Hi, my name is Todd and I am a political junkie and facebook addict. And tonight I’m going to pay the price.  I foolishly checked facebook just before turning in to bed this evening and saw the nail biting results of the Wisconsin Supreme Court special election, pitting the incumbent David Prosser (conservative leaning judge) and JoAnne Kloppenburg (the leftist union backed challenger.)

Being a member of the FB (facebook) group “I Stand with Scott Walker,” I have been given a front row seat to the main event in Wisconsin as good conservative people have prayed long and hard for the direction of their state and are quite frankly scared for the direction that union thugs and MIA state reps are taking it. (Sound familiar Indiana?)

So as I write this it is 2:00 am (ET) and Prosser has a very slim lead over Kloppenburg, only about 2000 votes. And frightening enough 8000 absentee ballots were just found in Milwaukee county. (a very democrat laden county.) I’m sure these ballots were found by some dutiful union worker “just cleaning the court house.”

And although my best guess is that this isn’t going to be decided tonight (think ongoing recounts) I still cannot make myself turn off my computer and go to bed. I too am praying that the people of Wisconsin have done the right thing today (er, yesterday.) It’s just too bad that the decision to keep a Supreme Court justice on the bench would come down to his political leanings and not based on the cases he has decided; but that is the world we live in today.

Good luck Mr. Prosser and God’s speed. And to my fellow Hoosiers, pay attention to this stuff. The unions and liberals are just as anxious to take over Indiana as they are Wisconsin.

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Welcome to the new blog site

Wabash C3 is proud to unveil our new blogsite. The new site offers features like a search feature,  sharing posts on social media, polls, easier access to videos and links. It also allows for posting comments in an easier use format. If you have anything you’d like to see posted here, contact wabashc3@gmail.com with your thoughts.

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Dear Senator Lugar

If you would like to see what “real” is, then come home once in awhile and listen to “real” people, rather than stubbornly refusing to leave not only The Beltway, but the 1980’s as well.

In the nearly thirty six years that you have been in Washington, America and the world has witnessed great change. When first elected to the Senate in 1976, the Ford Pinto was in the news and the USSR was America’s only real global adversary. Today, Ford is the only true American automobile manufacturer left standing and America’s enemies have grown to include not only the former USSR, but China, North Korea, Iran, Syria and a host of other countries that sponsor radical Islamic terrorism.

It seems that you, Senator, are the one needing to get real by not worrying about your misguided legacy of pretending to make the world safer. America is safe when she is strong. Our nuclear arsenal and military superiority are what ensures our freedom and safety. The START Treaty cripples America and does nothing to address Russia’s nearly ten thousand tactical nuclear warhead superiority. It also does nothing to address the nuclear weapons of China, North Korea and Iran. During the Cold War years, America and the USSR both valued survival, and that coupled with equivalent capability of annihilating the other, provided a powerful deterrent. Today’s world is far different than the one you stubbornly cling to. North Korea and Iran do not value survival the way America and the former USSR does. China’s intentions are unknown but their military threat is not.

The people of Indiana, like all of the heartland of America are real in the sense that we worry about our future and that of our children’s. We realize that nearly all of America’s problems have been brought about by career politicians on both sides of the aisle, who have forgotten not only who they serve but also the oath they took to uphold and defend The Constitution of the United States of America.

Mr. Lugar, it is time for you to come home.

Hoosiers for Conservative Senate

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