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Wabash C3 at the 4H Fair

Fellow Patriot: The Board of Wabash C3 (Citizens Committed to the Constitution) would like to take an opportunity to thank you for the support you have given over the past two years. It is our hope that you have grown … Continue reading

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Stand for freedom

The following is reprinted from the “Wabash Plain Dealer” May 28, 2011 edition: Dear Editor: A brief study of early America, early 1600s, reveals mankind’s quest for freedom and to publically worship his Creator. This beginning was painful. The people … Continue reading

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TSA searches violates constitution

The following is reprinted from the “Wabash Plain Dealer” April 16, 2011 edition: Dear Editor, I’m as tired of bad news as everyone else is. I want to go back to taking care of my own life while trusting that … Continue reading

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Wisconsin Election

Hi, my name is Todd and I am a political junkie and facebook addict. And tonight I’m going to pay the price.  I foolishly checked facebook just before turning in to bed this evening and saw the nail biting results … Continue reading

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Welcome to the new blog site

Wabash C3 is proud to unveil our new blogsite. The new site offers features like a search feature,  sharing posts on social media, polls, easier access to videos and links. It also allows for posting comments in an easier use … Continue reading

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Dear Senator Lugar

If you would like to see what “real” is, then come home once in awhile and listen to “real” people, rather than stubbornly refusing to leave not only The Beltway, but the 1980’s as well. In the nearly thirty six … Continue reading

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