Get off the couch and go to the Kitchen.

kitchentableactGet off the couch and go to the kitchen table, it’s time to get engaged.  WabashC3 would like to invite you to join a growing movement in Indiana called “Kitchen Table Activism.” The mission is to empower you and give you the tools you need to move legislation right from your kitchen table.  By joining the Kitchen Table Activism, you will be made aware of what is going, what you can do about, and see the results. And trust me, you will see results. Just last week KTA was activated to encourage legislators to pass SB 193 (blocking Common Core) out of committee. By a vote of 7-4, it was passed out and is now on the path to the full senate for a vote.

There are two steps to getting involved. First, go to and sign up. You will see phone numbers there to put into your phone. And second, go to to sign up to receive text message alerts.  (Or email messages.) Once you receive the text message, you will be instructed to check the Facebook page for more information. This info will include what legislation is pending and whom to call to voice your opinion.

This is easy to do and will make a difference. Please do it now while the links are in front of you.

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