Indiana is Looking for a Conservative Leader in 2012

As the United States Senate race heats up in Indiana, Hoosiers are looking for a more conservative option for 2012.

In 2012, the possibility of a new conservative Senator in Indiana is looking better day by day. Current Senator Richard Lugar has demonstrated to the people of Indiana that he is flat out “not our guy” including the fact that he does not even live in the state of Indiana. In this upcoming election Hoosiers are keeping their eyes on Richard Mourdock for our potential 2012 open senate seat.

Mourdock has a conservative resume that is quite appealing to the people of Indiana. Serving as an effective State Treasurer since 2007, Mourdock has refused automatic salary increases during the tough economic times, while Lugar voted several times to raise his own salary. A business man of thirty years in the private sector, Mourdock understands that government intervention is not a successful business model. Mourdock holds a firm belief in defending our constitution, securing the US borders, ending earmarks, and a balanced budget approach. With his pro-drilling attitude, Mourdock is taking an aggressive position at revamping the open senate seat for 2012.

If the state of Indiana wants a moderate Senator they might as well vote for the same ole Lugar. But if in 2012 Hoosier are looking for hope and prosperity Richard Mourdock is our guy.

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