Richard Mourdock Is the Best Candidate for Indiana

In 2007, Richard Mourdock acquired the State Treasurer role in my home state of Indiana.  At that particular time I was rather unaware of his credentials and why he was the best candidate for the job.  Since 2007, Mourdock and his actions while serving as Treasurer have impressed me and others of the Hoosier state.

 In his first term, Mourdock was at the center of the national debate regarding the bailouts of the automobile industry as he pursued a case on behalf of Indiana pensioners to the US Supreme Court.  From a voter standpoint an individual that is willing to stand-up for the rule of law and US constitution is something that I admire deeply.  Mourdock also brings to the table 30 years of private sector executive experience in the Hoosier energy, construction and environmental industry.  With a “Pro-drill” mentality Mourdock is truly looking out for the best interest of the individuals of my great state.  Soaring energy and gas prices are taking a huge toll on the middle class of Indiana and Mourdock has the answers and will power to help our Hoosier State.

With individuals like Richard Lugar deciding what is best for our state I truly feel if he is once again elected, Indiana will be at a standstill for the next six years.  It is time for the Hoosier nation to stand-up against Richard Lugar and oust him!

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