Time To Get Rid of Obama’s Favorite Republican

In our great state of Indiana, Hoosiers are looking ahead for the opportunity of replacing Obama’s favorite Republican in 2012 with a well-founded conservative.

 Senator Lugar in his 36 years as a Republican Senator has only confirmed to the people of Indiana that he is more than willing to collaborate with the left. Voting for the Wall Street Bailout, Car Company Bailout and the 2006 Amnesty Bill, Lugar has repeatedly displayed his moderate tendencies. The State of Indiana is looking for transformation in 2012, from balanced budgets to defending the Constitution answers are needed now. Currently there is one individual I believe can fulfill those objectives and that is Richard Mourdock.

Mourdock aligns with the people of Indiana and what we are looking for, not only in 2012 but for the future of the state of Indiana. With thirty years of involvement in the private energy sector Richard Mourdock could not be a better candidate in this particular economic energy crisis. Mourdock has proven that he is a firm believer in balancing the budget, repealing Obamacare, ending earmarks, reducing energy cost, and defending the Constitution. Also his experience as State Treasurer since 2007 proves that he is capable of performing well in the government sector. Along with being elected to attend the United States Supreme Court as the soul plaintiff twice to represent the state of Indiana.

 In 2012, Indiana is demanding a strong conservative, and that individual is Richard Mourdock!

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