Stand for freedom

The following is reprinted from the “Wabash Plain Dealer” May 28, 2011 edition:

Dear Editor:

A brief study of early America, early 1600s, reveals mankind’s quest for freedom and to publically worship his Creator. This beginning was painful. The people were determined, passionate and courageous for posterity’s sake and a providential calling.

A couple hundred years later the Constitution of the United States of America had been written and signed by descendants of prior seekers of freedom.

Many have fought and died to establish our Constitution and to plant the roots of freedom deep within our culture. Where there is freedom there is shedding of blood. Our military men and women continue to die for our freedom.

Courage and sacrifice were needed to establish Liberty. Courage and sacrifice are needed now to maintain freedom and liberty.

Our freedom is being diluted. Like a slithering thief returning daily, content to steal a noticeable but acceptable amount.

If you don’t care you probably don’t know. If you don’t know you probably don’t care. But it’s happening fueled by apathy and cowardice.

The early American Church was a major force providing the Christian principles and moral fiber that united us and made us a strong and great nation.

By ignorance and apathy we use spineless excuses like, “I hate politics,” as we allow godless people to take God, prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance out of our schools!

Come on all you Patriots! Come, stand with us!

C3, Citizens Committed to the Constitution, is sponsoring Pastor’s Appreciation Day. We are honoring the spiritual leaders of Wabash County. Show your appreciation to these leaders and your Patriotism by attending our next meeting: June 6, 7:00pm, Bachelor Creek Church (Bachelor Creek does not endorse C3). — Rod Frank, C3 Leadership

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1 Response to Stand for freedom

  1. Lyn Ridenour says:

    Thank you Rod, for a very well written truthful article! The fight to preserve our Constitutional inheritance must continue. Otherwise we will wake up one morning, and it will all be gone. You wrote such a good job, you should write a letter to the editor on this!!! LOL Bless you and all the other C3 Patriots who are doing all we can to keep America free and healthy.

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