Wisconsin Election

Hi, my name is Todd and I am a political junkie and facebook addict. And tonight I’m going to pay the price.  I foolishly checked facebook just before turning in to bed this evening and saw the nail biting results of the Wisconsin Supreme Court special election, pitting the incumbent David Prosser (conservative leaning judge) and JoAnne Kloppenburg (the leftist union backed challenger.)

Being a member of the FB (facebook) group “I Stand with Scott Walker,” I have been given a front row seat to the main event in Wisconsin as good conservative people have prayed long and hard for the direction of their state and are quite frankly scared for the direction that union thugs and MIA state reps are taking it. (Sound familiar Indiana?)

So as I write this it is 2:00 am (ET) and Prosser has a very slim lead over Kloppenburg, only about 2000 votes. And frightening enough 8000 absentee ballots were just found in Milwaukee county. (a very democrat laden county.) I’m sure these ballots were found by some dutiful union worker “just cleaning the court house.”

And although my best guess is that this isn’t going to be decided tonight (think ongoing recounts) I still cannot make myself turn off my computer and go to bed. I too am praying that the people of Wisconsin have done the right thing today (er, yesterday.) It’s just too bad that the decision to keep a Supreme Court justice on the bench would come down to his political leanings and not based on the cases he has decided; but that is the world we live in today.

Good luck Mr. Prosser and God’s speed. And to my fellow Hoosiers, pay attention to this stuff. The unions and liberals are just as anxious to take over Indiana as they are Wisconsin.

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