Time to issue Silver Alerts for Pence and Ritz?


I was recently browsing Facebook and ran across a group that caught my attention. So I did the only natural thing and began reading and asking myself questions. The group is called “Parents & Educators Against the Daniels & Bennett Educational Reform.” What surprised me most about this group, is that I actually agree with SOME of their stated values. The part that got my attention however, is what pulled me in to a “reasonably” cordial debate with some of its members. Namely, why does the group still exist? I mean, aren’t Daniels and Bennett gone now? I suggested to them that it was a little like President Obama still blaming President Bush and that it was time to move on. They “politely” told me what I could do with my suggestions.

Let’s look at the facts though. After a very aggressive grassroots campaign, Glenda Ritz, a former teacher, won the race of Superintendent of Public Instruction and Tony Bennett was sent packing. And by riding the coattails of Ritz, John Gregg was narrowly defeated by Mike Pence for Governor of Indiana in what should have been a landslide. So for nine months now, we have been in the Pence & Ritz era of Education Reform. What have we accomplished? Not a whole lot, with the major exception of “pausing” the implementation of Common Core. I put pause in quotation marks because the local school corporations near me are acting as if they had their fingers in their ears when the pause was announced. They are continuing to push ahead and prepare for Common Core like they were before HB 1427 was signed into LAW.

In the interest of full disclosure, I am very much against Common Core. I made the comment to this group that many teachers I know are FOR Common Core and I was confused by that because since Common Core was a gift from Daniels/Bennett, it would seem that they were also FOR the Daniels/Bennett reforms.   This group then began to claim that they too oppose common core. Let’s examine.

In all fairness, Supt. Ritz, along with Gov. Pence have signed a letter to withdraw from The Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers Consortium. (PARCC) There are however other ways to do Common Core. And neither Pence nor Ritz has come out and denounced Common Core. They seem content to leave the option open to implementing it anyway. Also, in all fairness, when I put an Anti-Common Core post on Facebook, there a FEW of my teacher friends who click on the “like” button.  If Ritz was opposed to CC and rallied her base against it in the same manner she rallied them against Bennett, CC would be dead in the water. The same can be said for Governor Pence. If he were to use his bully pulpit, CC would be old business. And in my book, SILENCE IS ACCEPTANCE.

So why are teachers and Supt Ritz so quiet? Two words; teachers unions. The National Education Association (NEA), American Federation of Teachers (AFT) and the Indiana State Teachers Association are all for Common Core. Sure wouldn’t want to anger them. And why is Pence quiet? Can you say Indiana Chamber of Commerce? That’s right, they also favor CC.

It seems to me that since Pence and Ritz seem to be AWOL on this issue, the only hope we have in the Hoosier state is taking our responsibility in the 2014 elections seriously. Starting with the primary in May, we need to find good conservative candidates who oppose federal interference into education and who oppose Common Core and we need to support them. If Ritz and Pence won’t stop Common Core, then maybe we can elect a legislature that will. 




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a21Agenda21 is an insidious and malignant United Nations plan designed to take away personal property and move people to population centers against their will (They call it “stack and pack.”) It is quietly spreading through Indiana right now, usually in the guise of “sustainable development.” Thus, it is made to sound beneficial. It is anything but beneficial!

Last fall at the C3 pre-election debates, it was clear that most of the candidates for our local elected governmental boards were not aware of Agenda21 or what it proposed to do to local communities. They seemed to think this is not a local issue. It is! Wabash C3 has accepted the challenge of making Wabash County citizens aware of the imminent danger this presents to themselves and their property rights.

Toward that end, your C3 board has engaged a speaker who is an acknowledged expert on Agenda 21. Lionel Terzi will be with us at our meeting on April 1st to make us all aware of the danger that Agenda21 brings to local communities and tell us how we can combat this malignant agenda here at home. Please come and bring some friends who would like to continue to live in Wabash County and retain ownership of their property.




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3rd House Legislative Session Report

photoThe 2013 edition of the 3rd House Legislative Session report is in the books and what a difference a year makes.  Once again the Wabash Chamber of Commerce Government Affairs sponsored the event. Invited to speak and answer questions were State Senator Jim Banks of District 17 and State Representative David Wolkins of District 18.

Unfortunately Mr. Wolkins wasn’t able to attend, but Senator Banks did an excellent job carrying the load. Also not in attendance this year, were the nearly two dozen union protesters sent last year to disrupt the meeting. But for the two dozen or so who did attend, they were treated to a very informative update of the legislative happenings in this winter in Indianapolis.

The first item discussed was the Budget proposed by the House and how it differed from what Governor Pence introduced. The Pence budget included a 1% increase over the $14 billion spent last year in education. The House plan would include a $300 million increase for education. Senator Banks pointed out that throwing money at a problem doesn’t always solve everything and that increase must also include more accountability and school choice. The Pence budget also included a 10% tax cut across the board for all Hoosiers and Mr. Banks expressed his disappointment that the House left that out of their version. Although, he did express optimism that once the bill got to the Senate, the tax cut may find its way back in to the final budget.

Another item discussed was SB193 that addresses Common Core Education Standards.  SB193 was originally intended to pull Indiana out of the Common Core standards, that although are a national standard are actually lower than the standards already in place for Indiana. Banks pointed out that the current language of SB193 is to “take a time out to assess the standards more than pulling Indiana out altogether.

Also covered was a bill that would allow for public records to be displayed on websites with 24/7 access instead of requiring that municipalities pay for space in local newspapers. This would not only save local governments money, but would give them more transparency.

Some in the audience asked about bills that would “nullify” Obamacare and Agenda 21. And while Banks indicated that those specific bills would probably die in committee, there was a more generic bill, SB400, would criminalize the participation of any state actor involved with enforcing a state or federal law that is “unconstitutional.”

Overall, the meeting was enjoyable and very cordial. A round of kudos is in order for the Wabash Chamber of Commerce. I’m already looking forward to next year’s meeting.

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Get off the couch and go to the Kitchen.

kitchentableactGet off the couch and go to the kitchen table, it’s time to get engaged.  WabashC3 would like to invite you to join a growing movement in Indiana called “Kitchen Table Activism.” The mission is to empower you and give you the tools you need to move legislation right from your kitchen table.  By joining the Kitchen Table Activism, you will be made aware of what is going, what you can do about, and see the results. And trust me, you will see results. Just last week KTA was activated to encourage legislators to pass SB 193 (blocking Common Core) out of committee. By a vote of 7-4, it was passed out and is now on the path to the full senate for a vote.

There are two steps to getting involved. First, go to http://www.facebook.com/Kitchentableactivism and sign up. You will see phone numbers there to put into your phone. And second, go to http://my.textcaster.com/asa/Default.aspx?ID=9303c934-f211-41b8-9c20-539f6fcaf5e0 to sign up to receive text message alerts.  (Or email messages.) Once you receive the text message, you will be instructed to check the Facebook page for more information. This info will include what legislation is pending and whom to call to voice your opinion.

This is easy to do and will make a difference. Please do it now while the links are in front of you.

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Indiana is Looking for a Conservative Leader in 2012

As the United States Senate race heats up in Indiana, Hoosiers are looking for a more conservative option for 2012.

In 2012, the possibility of a new conservative Senator in Indiana is looking better day by day. Current Senator Richard Lugar has demonstrated to the people of Indiana that he is flat out “not our guy” including the fact that he does not even live in the state of Indiana. In this upcoming election Hoosiers are keeping their eyes on Richard Mourdock for our potential 2012 open senate seat.

Mourdock has a conservative resume that is quite appealing to the people of Indiana. Serving as an effective State Treasurer since 2007, Mourdock has refused automatic salary increases during the tough economic times, while Lugar voted several times to raise his own salary. A business man of thirty years in the private sector, Mourdock understands that government intervention is not a successful business model. Mourdock holds a firm belief in defending our constitution, securing the US borders, ending earmarks, and a balanced budget approach. With his pro-drilling attitude, Mourdock is taking an aggressive position at revamping the open senate seat for 2012.

If the state of Indiana wants a moderate Senator they might as well vote for the same ole Lugar. But if in 2012 Hoosier are looking for hope and prosperity Richard Mourdock is our guy.

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Richard Mourdock Is the Best Candidate for Indiana

In 2007, Richard Mourdock acquired the State Treasurer role in my home state of Indiana.  At that particular time I was rather unaware of his credentials and why he was the best candidate for the job.  Since 2007, Mourdock and his actions while serving as Treasurer have impressed me and others of the Hoosier state.

 In his first term, Mourdock was at the center of the national debate regarding the bailouts of the automobile industry as he pursued a case on behalf of Indiana pensioners to the US Supreme Court.  From a voter standpoint an individual that is willing to stand-up for the rule of law and US constitution is something that I admire deeply.  Mourdock also brings to the table 30 years of private sector executive experience in the Hoosier energy, construction and environmental industry.  With a “Pro-drill” mentality Mourdock is truly looking out for the best interest of the individuals of my great state.  Soaring energy and gas prices are taking a huge toll on the middle class of Indiana and Mourdock has the answers and will power to help our Hoosier State.

With individuals like Richard Lugar deciding what is best for our state I truly feel if he is once again elected, Indiana will be at a standstill for the next six years.  It is time for the Hoosier nation to stand-up against Richard Lugar and oust him!

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Time To Get Rid of Obama’s Favorite Republican

In our great state of Indiana, Hoosiers are looking ahead for the opportunity of replacing Obama’s favorite Republican in 2012 with a well-founded conservative.

 Senator Lugar in his 36 years as a Republican Senator has only confirmed to the people of Indiana that he is more than willing to collaborate with the left. Voting for the Wall Street Bailout, Car Company Bailout and the 2006 Amnesty Bill, Lugar has repeatedly displayed his moderate tendencies. The State of Indiana is looking for transformation in 2012, from balanced budgets to defending the Constitution answers are needed now. Currently there is one individual I believe can fulfill those objectives and that is Richard Mourdock.

Mourdock aligns with the people of Indiana and what we are looking for, not only in 2012 but for the future of the state of Indiana. With thirty years of involvement in the private energy sector Richard Mourdock could not be a better candidate in this particular economic energy crisis. Mourdock has proven that he is a firm believer in balancing the budget, repealing Obamacare, ending earmarks, reducing energy cost, and defending the Constitution. Also his experience as State Treasurer since 2007 proves that he is capable of performing well in the government sector. Along with being elected to attend the United States Supreme Court as the soul plaintiff twice to represent the state of Indiana.

 In 2012, Indiana is demanding a strong conservative, and that individual is Richard Mourdock!

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The Final Countdown

Folks we are in the final stretch of the primary season. The countdown is on for our best chance to give Senator Lugar the retirement that he so richly deserves.  NOW IS THE TIME TO GET INVOLVED.  I know that we have all said that we’d like to “get him out of there.”  But what have YOU done to help? 

If I may quote Monica Boyer from Kosciusko Silent No More, “TEA Party, 912, Pro family groups, Churches, and Conservatives who do NOT get involved actively in elections and politics are the same as an angry pit bull who is guarding a home but CHAINED up to its dog house while the burglar steals everything in the house and kidnaps the kids. I can hear him saying nana na na na to the dog as he ZOOMS away with everything.”

Although time is running out, there are still ways that you can be a part of this historic occasion. The most immediate way for you to help is to go www.freedomworksforamerica.org and sign up to make phone calls and to go to www.richardmourdock.com and donate to Richard Mourdock’s campaign.

In case you missed the polls, Mr. Mourdock has closed the gap to only 6 percentage points and is quickly gaining momentum.

What else can you do? Here is a list of things happening this month. Mark your calendars now.

April 11, 2012

7:00 Mourdock vs. Lugar Debate. This can be viewed online at indianadebatecommission.com

April 14, 2012

The 4th Annual Indianapolis Tea Party Tax Day Rally from 2:00 -3:30 PM at the Westin Hotel in Downtown Indy.  Keynote Speaker is C.L. Bryant. Other scheduled to appear include:  Greg Garrison; Kristi Risk; Emery McClendon.

April 15, 2012

“The Fourth Quarter” Tea Party to be held on the Kosciusko County Courthouse Lawn from 3:00pm-5:00pm. (In case of rain, the location will be at the round church right across from North point Cinema.) Featured speakers will be News talk 1190’s Pat Miller and Emery McClendon from Fort Wayne.

April 16, 2012

Wabash C3 Meeting at 7:00 PM at Bachelor Creek Church of Christ in Wabash. This night will be a candidates forum. Your opportunity to meet candidates for Wabash County Council and for Wabash County Coroner.


May 5, 2012

Freedomworks Rally in Downtown Indy.  More details to follow , but mark your calendar now. Big names are coming to this Rally. You won’t want to miss it.

May 7, 2012

Wabash C3 meeting at 7:00 PM at Bachelor Creek Church of Christ in Wabash. Featured speaker: Pat Miller from NewsTalk 1190 WOWO.


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Who let the ‘dog’ out?

If you were at the Wabash Citizens Committed to the Constitution (C3) regular monthly meeting in December 2010, you may recall that I made the startling confession that I was a bad dog owner. By that I was comparing our elected officials to my dog and the habit that I have of letting her out and then going back to my recliner where I would watch TV. Then when she scratched on the door signaling that she was done, I would let her back inside, not having any idea what kind of havoc she created in the neighborhood.

My concern back then was that we as voters have fallen into a pattern where we don’t want to be bothered about politics until “It’s Time.” By not paying attention until the election was immediately upon us, we had no idea what kind of damage our dog (aka elected official) had done in the neighborhood.  Were they making messes that we’re going to have to scoop up? Were they out there breeding with other dogs? Biting our neighbors? If we don’t put our dog on a leash and go on the walk with them, we just don’t know. For years we have re-elected people based on the TV and radio ads they have put out just before the election. Far too often these ads have had no resemblance to the truth.

One of our elected officials is now scratching at the door, hoping you’ll let him back in. His name is Richard Lugar.  And before you get out of your recliner, let me tell you what he has been out there doing.

The first thing you should realize (and if you don’t remember anything else,) Lugar has earned the title of “Obama’s Favorite Republican.” What you are about to read are the reasons why.

Dick Lugar voted for liberal activist Supreme Court judicial nominees, Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan.  

Dick Lugar has repeatedly voted for amnesty for illegal immigrants, and is a main sponsor of Obama’s DREAM act that would fast-track amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants.  At the same time, Lugar has opposed efforts to secure our borders.

Dick Lugar refused to join Republican minority leader Mitch McConnell and 32 other Republican Senators in signing a legal brief in support of Florida’s lawsuit challenging the Constitutionality of Obamacare. Indiana is also a plaintiff in this lawsuit.

Dick Lugar has an F rating from both the NRA and the Gun Owners of America.

Dick Lugar voted for Obama’s $700 Billion TARP financial industry bailout that increased the national debt limit to $11.3 Trillion.

Dick Lugar has consistently voted against ending or even reforming the corrupt system of “earmark” spending.

Dick Lugar sold his Indiana residence in 1977 and has not lived here since.  “No Person shall be a Senator who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty Years, and been nine Years a Citizen of the United States, and who shall not, when elected, be an Inhabitant of that State for which he shall be chosen.” [U.S. Constitution, Article I, section 3, clause 3] Living in Virginia for 35 years would certainly mean he is not an ”inhabitant.”

I could go on and on, but I think you get my point.  Dick Lugar has certainly NOT earned the right to be let in again.  If anything; “It’s Time” for Lugar to be retired so that we can get a new dog in the fight.


Vote for Richard Mourdock. “It’s Time.”

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Legislative 3rd House Session Report

In my best Robin Williams as Adrian Cronauer voice, “Goooood Morning Wabash!! On Saturday March 17, 2012, I woke up to attend an 8 am meeting hosted by the Wabash County Chamber of Commerce Government Affairs. This was a Chamber sponsored event to allow the local Indiana State Representatives to report on the most recent legislative session. In attendance were Representatives Rebecca Kubacki (District 22) and David Wolkens (District 18) and Senator Jim Banks (Senate District 17.) I’m not normally an early riser on Saturdays, so I was expecting a nice quiet, mostly mundane, report of the recent activities of our lawmakers. Boy was I wrong. I got quite a wake up that morning by the lively debate in the room and an even livelier protest happening outside.

From almost the beginning of the meeting until its conclusion, local union members stood outside City Hall with protest signs, inciting the motorists to honk their horns as they passed by. At times it became very difficult to hear what was being said in the room, but not one word was said in reference to the obvious protest.

The action indoors started out with some pleasant news. Kubacki reported that due to a computer error, Indiana ended the year with $340 million more in the coffers than what was previously thought. That money will be coming back to Hoosiers in four different forms. Eighty million will pay for All Day Kindergarten. Two Hundred million will go to the Indiana Teachers pension fund. Six million will go to State Fair victims. And finally, taxpayers will get an additional refund. If you filed single, you will receive $50 and if you filed jointly, you’ll receive $100.

Kubacki also reported that the benefits provided by the military relief fund available to Hoosier veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan will be extended from one year to three years. In addition to those benefits, a larger amount of military training will now be counted for college credit. Kubacki finished her portion of reporting by saying that although the statewide smoking ban was passed, it was such a weak bill that she and Wolkens both voted against it.

Next to speak was Wolkens. This is where things heated up a little bit. He wasted no time to report on the “Right to Work” bill that Governor Daniels signed into law earlier this year. Those present in the room seemed almost divided 50-50 on the subject. During the question and answer session that followed those against RTW, including local union members present inside the room were very vocal about their disgust with the panel. Statistics and accusations flew around the room, but in the end, the panel was unanimous in its feeling that for all the arguments on both sides, that is was a simple matter of ideology: “right to work is a right to personal freedom.”

Wolkens also reported on two bills that overturned the Indiana Supreme Court. First was a law that returned the rights to underground water back to the landowners where that water exists. The second bill is much more contentious and was prompted by a very high profile case this past year in Indiana. The bill is known as SB1 or more commonly called the “No illegal police entry” bill.

Last year a State Supreme Court case known as Barnes vs. State of Indiana determined that a private person had no right to resist unlawful police entry of their home. This decision was seen by people on both sides of the political aisle as a blatant violation of our Fourth Amendment rights blocking illegal search and seizure. Although the bill won an overwhelming majority in both houses, the critics of the bill claim that it is a license to shoot cops. Wolkens was clear to point out this bill returns the law to exactly what it was before the decision, but with the additional language that prohibits lethal action if a police officer announces himself or is on official duty.

Wolkens finished his report by talking about the nepotism/conflict of interest law that passed that will prohibit public employees or their family members from serving on a board that oversees their department. Current employees are “grandfathered” until the end of their current term. At the end of their term, they will need to choose which position they wish to fill. Locally this will affect a city police officer who currently is also a city councilman.

The final speaker of the morning was Banks. He largely echoed what had been reported plus told us about the higher education reforms that passed that affect credit transfer between Indiana’s universities and the number of credits required to graduate. He also talked about the bill that will eliminate the “inheritance tax” (also known as the death tax.) This tax will be eliminated over the next ten years, but he did hint that if elected, gubernatorial candidate Mike Pence would like to accelerate this time table.

Overall this was an enjoyable and informative way to start my Saturday. I would do it again and would encourage you to attend the next legislative report.

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